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Follow Friday: Attic 24

She’s young and quirky. Funny and lovable. And oh, yes, she is very creative. But most of all, you will find this gal is all about color!

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Crocheted napkin holders

I am now approaching 100% Christmas mode (as I sit hear listening to Josh Groban’s Noel album… full blast). And I haven’t even started decorating the house. That will have to wait until the 15th, when Alexia and Julian arrive. For me, Christmas is really about family time, and especially about doing things with the […]

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On My Wish List: Crafting a Meaningful Home

I know, I know… I just got some new books and here I go, still craving for more. But just read on and you’ll understand why I just HAVE TO have this one!

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Hat Parade

Alexia and Julian returned to the U.S. early yesterday morning. And so the day turned out to be incredibly quiet around here. For me, it’s comparable to the sensation of coming back after an extended trip: it takes a few days to get used to the place again and find my bearings. And now the […]

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Witchy girls

Jono, Jamie, and the kids all took off on Saturday for an overnight stay in Mindo. So I had a whole day of quiet time to myself! So what did I do? I drew a little, caught up on some work, watched the last two soccer games of the World Cup, and crocheted a couple […]

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More Care Packages

Evenings I enjoy knitting, and this week I’ve been working on a a couple of hats for Julian and Alexia. Last night I finished them and will pop them in the mail today, along with the lobster claw and bug mittens I made for Julian last week.

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Lobster Claws

As I mentioned in my last post, while talking to Julian over the weekend he informed me he was in dire need for mittens, at which point I pulled out the knitting needles and some yarn and made him a buggy pair.

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Bug Mittens

I had a long conversation over the phone yesterday with my favorite (and only!) grandson, Julian. He is now 8, and quite a delightful young man. Oh, so full of information about his interests, including movies, games, dogs, riding his bicycle and music. He even “writes” his own songs in his head and plays them […]

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Jingle Bell Hat

These days you will find me still knitting quite a bit. Especially when the blackouts in my sector take place at night – I find it hard to sew by candlelight, but knitting is still feasible.

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Glittens and more blackouts

Remember the yarn I bought last weekend? Well, given the fact that it appears we are in for several days (if not weeks) of blackouts due to the energy crisis, I would say I will be going through it pretty fast. Sewing is out by candlelight, but knitting is still feasible.

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Shopping for wool

I hadn’t been downtown for a couple of months. In fact, the last time I went was the week before Jamie left. I finally made it down there yesterday. Every time I find myself in the colonial part of the city I am reminded of how beautiful it is.

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Rain and a Second Try

My youngest brother, who lives in Omaha, writes to me today that they had snow yesterday and today and it’s cold, cold, cold. Coincidentally, it has been raining here in Quito yesterday and today, which is typical for what we know as “winter weather.”

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Challenging week and some pretty weird knitting

I am one of those people who get very impatient with illness. I come from a family that does not tolerate headaches or minor ailments. Which means when someone gets sick it’s serious. For colds and other minor conditions, you’re pretty much on your own and have to grin and bear it. (I think this […]

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