Baby Cocoons

My oldest niece is expecting a baby girl in May. It’s been nearly a decade since there was a baby in the family (Julian, now 9+, is the youngest member), so it’s kind of exciting to think about a wee one after all these years.

I am finding there are a lot of new baby patterns and ideas, as compared to over thirty years ago when I was making baby clothes and other items for my own boys, and even ten years ago when it came to Julian. One of the cutest things ever I have come across is a knit (or crochet) baby sac, known as a “cocoon.” Their purpose is to keep newborns snug and warm and are especially useful  while the mother is nursing, as you don’t have to worry about the baby becoming unwrapped. Have you seen them?

As far as I’m concerned, the cuteness factor alone justifies making these. So I did precisely that. The purple cocoon on the right is just a plain stockinette stitch, knit in the round. Think “long hat.” The red one is from a pattern I found here. Each one took only an evening to knit up. Now, aren’t they just darling?

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