Tablerunners: One down, two more to go!

As a break between classes and whenever possible in the evenings if not too pooped, I’ve been trying to reduce my stack of UFOs.

This week I finished quilting this Hexagon Star tablerunner I’ve had lying around for over a year!

hexagon star table runner

Then there are these other two tablerunners I started last summer (almost a year ago) that I hadn’t finished because I couldn’t make up my mind as to what to do with the end blocks. I finally decided on a folk art flower for the longer one, and have been toying around with an appliquéd poinsettia for the shorter one, but am still not really happy with it. I’m nearly finished quilting the longer one – maybe by the time I finish it I will find be enlighted as to what to do with the second one.

Who knows how long that will be. When faced with a stack of UFOs most (sensible) people would machine quilt them to finish them quickly… but not I. I thought about it… but I love to hand quilt! I guess that’s the most important thing: not how long it takes, but how much enjoyment one gets out of the process.

quilted table runners

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