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A little more insanity

I love quiet weekends when I am actually able to dedicate several hours at a time to sewing! And on this particular weekend I have actually been able to get quite a bit done.

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Do you compete in quilt shows?

And do you wonder how winning quilts are selected, and what the judging entails? Sometimes it can be very puzzling, and often we have been left wondering what criteria were used in selecting one or more #1 quilts.

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Follow Friday: Textile Time Travels

One of the most exciting things I have seen happening during the last few years is how quickly quilting is catching on among younger generations of quilters. Generation X and Generation Y quilters certainly make a strong statement with simple yet very bold and colorful designs. I thoroughly enjoy visiting the blogs of many young, […]

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Halfway insane and a tree full of owls

Our sewing circle met again today… and yet I forgot to take photos. This week everybody decided to leave the afghans we are crocheting aside, and work on them in the evenings, as it isn’t as hard on the eyes as sewing is. Thursdays, therefore, will be dedicated  to working on the Insane About Baltimore […]

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Meet Geta Grama, an international quilter

You probably know her already, and probably even visit her blog. Because Geta is well-known for her amazing shadow trapunto  quilts. Here she shares some insights with us about how she got started quilting, and the challenges she faces in a country with no quilting tradition.

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From lonely quilter to being part of an international community

As I shared in my three-part post earlier this month (here, and here, and here), I am a self-taught quilter. This certainly had its advantages… and its disadvantages, too.

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Little House Tea Caddy

Jamie and I both have friends celebrating birthdays this week. So time had to be made this weekend for a little gift sewing.

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Are you an EQ Junkie?

And –like me– do you absolutely love coffee? First thing in the morning, with desert at noon, and even late at night?

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A Half-Finished Afghan, Crocheted Squares, and Lots of Ideas

Our sewing circle met again yesterday. And it looks like everyone was thrilled with the new yarn shop we found, because we have all been working diligently on our afghan squares. Hmm… I wonder if the motivating factor could be that –once finished– we are all looking forward to returning to that shop for some […]

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Nostalgia Hits: How I got Started Quilting – Part 3 (of 3)

In spite of my initial attraction and adventures in quilting, I doubt I would have taken it up seriously had it not been for Jared.

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Nostalgia Hits: How I got Started Quilting – Part 2 (of 3)

They say ignorance is bliss. In my case, I think it was the cheeky arrogance of youth that led to the next quilting episode in my life.

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Nostalgia Hits: How I got Started Quilting – Part 1 (of 3)

Unlike the vast majority of quilters, there was no quilting tradition in my family. There was only one great-grandmother back in Kansas (on my mother’s side) who quilted, but I only saw her occasionally and was never able to sit at her knee and learn from her.

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My friend Leni

Leni is German. We have been friends since… forever. 1985. (Is that right?) That’s a long time. She always was (has been, is, will be) my “comfortable” friend. We could talk about anything… in the most convenient mish-mash of English, Spanish, and German… with a little French and Portuguese thrown in now and then. Just […]

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