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Borrowing someone else’s eyes

It probably happens to us all, right? We get so used to the place where we live that we tend to look at our surroundings with jaded eyes. Having visitors – especially those who have come for the first time – proves to be a good opportunity for me to look at this city where […]

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It pays to read labels

I love hardware stores. Maybe even as much (possibly more?) than fabric stores. And that is because there is so much to be found in a hardware store that can be used in a quilting studio at a fraction of the cost in comparison to similar products to be found in quilting or craft stores.

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Best online resource for quilting supplies

One of our website members is coming down to Ecuador for a few weeks in August. And, as only a quilter would do, she has offered to set aside a small suitcase for me to fill with fabric and other supplies I am not able to find locally. How cool is that ? 🙂

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Embroidery Hoop Wall Pocket

I think I’ve already mentioned that the only quilting magazine I subscribe to is Quilting Arts. First, because each issue is packed with things that really interest me. At this point in my own development, I’m not interested in sewing someone else’s projects, but in learning new techniques. Secondly, I purchase this magazine because they […]

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A busy summer, and some time to play

This is turning out to be a summer with quite a few visitors. Which is my explanation for why I’m only popping in occasionally these days for a little chat. It’s not every day I get to see so many of my favorite people around, so I have to take advantage and spend as much […]

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Connecting the world through music. That is the mission of the Playing for Change movement. Haven’t heard about them? Then you’re in for a treat!

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A last word on giveaways

My last post seemed to strike a nerve among visitors, and the comments left gave me some additional insights to think about. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It has helped me define my own position on the subject.

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U.S. Residents Only

I don’t feel comfortable when reading “ranting” posts. I would much rather focus on the positive than on the negative. And if bothered by something, I think acting –doing something– tends to be more constructive than complaining. So please bear with me –and forgive me– for what I am now about to do. Believe me, […]

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Christmas in July

Boy, this has been a busy week, getting files prepared for posting and images all in order. As a reward (that’s how I see it), my *baby* brother is in town for a visit. Which was one of the reasons why I wanted all my patterns for this month finished and ready to go, so […]

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