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Quilting the Doves

For different reasons, our entire sewing circle had not been able to meet for over three weeks. In between, it’s just been a couple of us at a time, waiting for things to settle for our friends so we could return to our Thursday get-togethers. That finally happened this week.

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My new baby

No sewing this weekend. Boo hoo! The good news, however, is that Jared put a new computer together for me (finally… my old one was getting really slowwwww!), and it has taken me pretty much all weekend to move my files over, re-install my programs (I hadn’t realized how much quilting software I have!!!), and […]

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More Care Packages

Evenings I enjoy knitting, and this week I’ve been working on a a couple of hats for Julian and Alexia. Last night I finished them and will pop them in the mail today, along with the lobster claw and bug mittens I made for Julian last week.

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Sweet, Tangy Sauce

Besides the usual (and some unusual) cookbooks, I keep my favorite recipes in a big, black binder that has started to fall apart. I figured it was time to sort them out – toss those I really don’t use and move those we truly do like onto index cards.

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A shocking confession?

Several years ago, when I first started quilting and discovered paper-piecing, I nearly became addicted to this technique. I loved the speed and the fact that it was a way to use up itty bitty scraps of fabric. Between then and now I don’t know what happened, nor where my aversion to this technique began. […]

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Lobster Claws

As I mentioned in my last post, while talking to Julian over the weekend he informed me he was in dire need for mittens, at which point I pulled out the knitting needles and some yarn and made him a buggy pair.

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