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A week of creative doodling

There’s never any one factor to explain how or why I come up with different design ideas. Sometimes, like this week, it is just because the rain keeps me indoors and, therefore, spending a lot of time on the computer. And, very often, ideas come to me in dreams. Does that happen to you?

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By the Fireside

It has been practically raining non-stop in Quito (actually, along quite a bit of the Sierra – our Andes mountain range) for the last week. The two main highways from the mountains to the coast are impassable: a whole section of one was washed away, and the second one has suffered several landslides over the […]

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On Timeless Friendship

BJ, Beej, BeJota, Bobby John… all different ways of calling a well-loved, longtime friend. We met in 1980 (at the same time I met my best friend Jim). For the next couple of years, he was one of my closest friends. No, more than that… he was my little broie.

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Mariangela and Sweet Valentines

I really, really like teaching. Especially beginner quilters. They come in excited and a little awed, thinking that quilting is a difficult art. And in a matter of minutes they are sewing and creating. They get even more excited… and hooked.

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A matter of priorities

Fridays my daughter Jamie doesn’t have class at the university. She often still goes down to work/study in the library. But when she doesn’t… it’s “girls’ day” and she’s all mine!

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A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

Once again, I have to admit I’m not a very consistent blogger. Granted, in the big scheme of life my little corner of the world might seem pretty tame and to some perhaps not much to write about. In my book, however, each day brings new learning and growth and so much to do I […]

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Tying a Quilt

The prayer quilt we were working on has been finished. Besides the three of us who worked on assembling it, others participating in tying it and, with each tie, in raising prayers for the life of this special child. Even one of my sons, which was very moving for me. And my mom. And my […]

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