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Produce Market, Campus Tour, and a funny cart

My favorite cousin is in town for a few days visiting his dad, who just happens to be my favorite uncle. So the last couple of days have involved catching up… between soccer games. 🙂

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Cancer Awareness Wall Hanging

This year I have been trying seriously to finish UFOs that have been sitting around literally for years. It’s hard when what I would like to do is start new ones, but enough is enough! I don’t know if I will actually be able to finish the year with zero UFOs, but at least I […]

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Giveaway winners

First of all, a big THANK YOU to all of you who participated in the EQ6 Appliqué Drawing Book Giveway! One of the things I love about Internet technology is how it allows people from all over the globe to communicate easily. There is, however, an anonymity that sometimes makes it difficult for us to […]

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Dulce de higos (fig preserves in syrup)

The last week has been all about family. And soccer. And no, I haven’t sat around watching three different soccer games a day, except for the weekend. 🙂 But there’s at least one match a day that HAS TO be seen and, when time allows, up to three. In between we have played games, cooked […]

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Hoo hoo hoot… and a final countdown

As I write, my “babies” (daughter Jamie, with her niece Alexia and nephew Julian) are sitting on a plane flying out of D.C. that will bring them home tonight. I am overjoyed and excited and can hardly sit still with the waiting. In another nine hours they will most probably be home and tucked in […]

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Transferring designs with Press ‘n Seal

Quilting by hand is probably what I enjoy the most of the whole quilting experience. It is the moment to center myself and quiet my soul. I find it incredibly relaxing, and it is a form of prayer for me. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t get much done if I hand quilted all my projects, so lately […]

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Review and (partial) Giveaway of Appliqué Drawing Book

Comments on this post are now closed. Winners will be announced shortly. I was browsing through  the latest digital edition of Down Under Quilts magazine a couple of days ago and lo and behold came across a review of my book EQ6 Appliqué Drawing. It’s very flattering to see things written about oneself, to say […]

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Lone Star Quilt

How old is your oldest UFO? Mine is over seven years old. And I’ve even thought of scrapping it several times. Mainly because of that dark blue fabric… I put the top together during my “blue” period. Everything I did was blue.

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Autumn Wedding Quilt

Our good friends Jess and Charles (who have been Jamie’s home away from home this year whenever she needed a break from school) are getting married in the fall. And they have kindly accepted letting me make them a wedding quilt. They want it in autumn colors.

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Quilt-as-you-go placemats

I decided it was time to start dipping into those fabric samples and make something fun. The truth is, I am still ironing the last ones and realized I wouldn’t be able to get the lid shut on the plastic storage box. I am certainly not going to try to find another place for them… […]

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Book quilt and a Jamie countdown

After completing her two terms away at a college exchange program, my “baby” Jamie will be coming home a week from tomorrow! Yay! And she will be bringing Alexia and Julian back with her for their two-month summer vacation. Double yay!

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Thread storage and an idea for zippers

Time to focus again on my low-cost “studio makeover.” By this I simply mean reorganizing my sewing supplies without a large investing $$$ in new furniture and cabinets, using what I have on hand but re-thinking the way I’ve been working. So this week I decided I really needed to address my thread issues.

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