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Trying to get back to normal

As usual, things rarely go as planned. The good news: Jamie’s recovery has gone better than expected. Within two days she was almost back to normal, getting around on her own and requiring little help.

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Easter Break

Jamie underwent eye surgery late Wednesday afternoon. The up side: once the healing completes, her vision should pretty much be perfect. Which is great news for someone as young as she is.

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April Showers

Yep. It’s raining. Again. More like flooding. And I have to go out in a little bit. Not a happy thought.

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Brrr… it’s cold!

It seems like the last three months around here it’s done nothing but rain. A couple of weeks ago we got high hopes that warmer weather was on its way, but no such thing. Day in and day out it just pours. Over the weekend there was such a downpour that several parts of the […]

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More hooting owls

My friend Luchita has also finished her owl quilt. This sure turned out to be a popular pattern, didn’t it?

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Ulu quilt

I’ve finished my little Hawaiian quilt (only 15 inches). I decided to go with a very simple version of the traditional breadfruit design. I had to know if I enjoyed the technique before committing to something larger.

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Playing with Thread

Today I decided to try something new: making fabric out of thread. Using a water soluble stabilizer. I had already done something similar before, but in the form of thread painting to make some pieces to appliqué onto a background. This time I wanted to see how it would work to make a larger piece […]

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Tea Colored Painted Fabric

The cost of 100% cotton fabric at our one and only LQS went up almost 30% last month. And, quite unfortunately, they don’t import batiks or any of the other “mottled” fabrics I find myself more drawn to lately. So I’m really looking into more economic (and fun) solutions when it comes to replenishing my […]

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On my work table

Although the week started out with a couple of mornings of promising sunshine, unfortunately the warmer weather didn’t stick. And the last couple of days it has rained day and night. With this kind of weather, one just wants to stay put.

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At long last: Flamboyant Extravagance

After a little indecision, and A LOT of help from my friends, I finally tackled and finished this UFO. It has been quilted, bound, labeled, and is currently drying out after blocking it.

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Baby Cocoons

My oldest niece is expecting a baby girl in May. It’s been nearly a decade since there was a baby in the family (Julian, now 9+, is the youngest member), so it’s kind of exciting to think about a wee one after all these years.

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Follow Friday: Linda Matthews

This is a very busy day for me, so this post is going to be really short and sweet. Just long enough to share a link to the website and blog of one of my very favorite textile art teachers.

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