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Miniature Grandmother’s Flower Garden

A while back I wrote a review on a couple of new EPP books. For weeks I’ve been working on the project shown on one of the book covers – a couple of hours each evening. And now I’m finally finished!

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Woe is me!

I woke up early and in a good mood. The last three nights it has rained steadily, and I enjoy sleeping with the sound of rain. It is nice, however, when there’s sunshine to get up to in the morning. And even though it was really early, I could tell it was going to be […]

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Machine Quilting

I have to admit I enjoy handwork more than machine sewing. And machine quilting has been a very slow learning process for me. Which is probably why the quilt that I am working on at the moment was set aside for almost three years!

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Ode to Women

If you’ve been following up on me for a while I’m sure you figured out a long time ago that I live in Latin America (Ecuador) and live between two cultures. I think in English most of the time, as that is the language we spoke and still speak at home.

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Life happens

Like anybody else, my life is full of good intentions. Such as posting frequently on this blog. I schedule time for this and that and try to keep organized. And then life takes over and challenges me to adapt and be flexible with all those well laid out plans.

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