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Finished wallhangings

In the midst of kid-oriented activities and posting patterns for our Christmas in July series there has been time for a wee bit of sewing! As usual, not as much as I would like (but then, there never is!), but at least a couple of wallhangings have been finished!

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Fabric Dyeing with Shaving Cream

We spent the afternoon playing around a bit, dyeing some fabric the kids want to use in their sewing projects. We used a shaving cream method a little different than what you might have seen, to “tone down” our colors a little, as this fabric will be used for the background of the kids’ projects […]

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Finished appliqué

Doing the “mom thing” sure does take time, doesn’t it? Yet I love having these kids around… days are full and happy, we are busy, busy and exhausted by nightfall. I must say I’m sleeping well these days. (-:

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Alexia is back!

I’d forgotten how much time is used up when kids are around. I mean, I’m used to living in a world of adults where everyone takes care of him or herself. But for a short while now it’s back to actual cooking three times a day. It seems that right after breakfast and washing up […]

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Thursday sewing circle

Well, our friend Mariangela is certainly on a roll and, as usual, outsews us all. Today she arrived with more projects to share. Another quilt for one of her kids, a sewing machine cover for herself (oh, so cute), and a wonderful purse she made following instructions from the book Omiyage: Handmade Gifts in the […]

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Little angels

I woke up early this morning and had to tiptoe around the house trying not to wake anyone up. Which at times is difficult with two dogs who love to bounce around in the morning. I had time to check my mail, post the Christmas pattern for the day and still enjoy a nice cup […]

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A day to celebrate

In a few minutes I will be leaving for the airport to pick up Alexia and Julian and their mom. Allison will only be here for a few days, so we have a lot of catching up (and sewing!) to do in those few days. But I get to have Alexia and Julian for a […]

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Quilting classes

It has dawned on me that although I often talk about my quilting classes, so far I have never shared pictures of where they take place, or of any of my students.

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Mama’s Sayings

Once again, even the best-laid plans can go awry unexpectedly. I had every intention of finishing the quilting on my Sister’s Choice quilt last week. Then Thursday I woke up to a terrible cold. I hadn’t been sick in years and now all of a sudden I fall ill twice in one month!

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