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Country Cups

It’s a good feeling to finish a project, isn’t it. Particularly when you’ve had it sitting around for a while. This weekend’s project was to finish my Country Cups wall hanging. I mean, it’s only taken me three months to do so.

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Finished mosaic quilt

I have been procrastinating for weeks on this quilt. No matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn’t get the mouth area to reflect the original photograph. Last weekend, however, I decided I really needed to just quilt it and live with it!

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Bachita’s finished dove

Another Thursday. More fun sewing with friends. Not the least of which is that on these days we get to talk to our friend Mariangela. Not as good as having her here with us, but nonetheless we are sure grateful for the technology that allows us to keep in touch.

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Thursday Sewing Circle

Another week… and more busy sewing in our little circle of friends. And progress, too, as we finish projects. Luchita has finished her dove quilt. All that was left (and which she finished now) was the binding.

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Time for the owls

My friends in my sewing circle have all decided to sew the Life’s a Hoot! BOM this year. As with the dove project, it will be fun to follow their progress and see how each walhanging turns out. Bachita started hers first, and has her tree appliquéd. She is now starting to work on the […]

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COC Quilt

I love sleeping under quilts. I keep a small lap quilt on my bed to snuggle under while reading or watching TV, or for nights when the weather gets particularly cold and I need some extra warmth.

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Thursday sewing

Now that two of the dove projects are finished, my friends have started (or gone back to) new projects! Although Bachita has finished her dove project (well, except for the binding), she didn’t bring it with her. Hopefully she will next week so we can post photos of the finished project.

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Crustless Asparagus-Quinoa Quiche

As I have mentioned before, I love quinoa. So I made one of my favorite dishes today and thought I would share the recipe here. (So sorry, Irene, that quinoa is so expensive in your country!). First the recipe, and then some pics to explain the process…

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One finished dove

Susy was the one person in our sewing circle this last week who was able to finish her Dove project. Well, except for the eye, that is, which she quickly fixed by sewing on a button.

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