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At long last: Vintage Keys

I always reserve a hand sewing project to work on when my sewing circle meets on Thursdays. And in my defense, that’s my excuse for not having finished this little project sooner. You see, we hardly met all summer, and so it has taken me nearly four months to complete this little key holder.

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Thank you sale

Earlier in the month I wrote about the new My EQ Boutique. Since then, quite a few new collections have been posted. If you haven’t stopped by recently,  you should really check them out.

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A creature of habit

The last few weeks have been hectic. With school starting up in early September, it has taken a bit of time to organize schedules (everyone in this household has been on a different one!) and get into a routine. I’m not sure I’m quite there.

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Announcing the My EQ Boutique, along with a giveaway!

The Electric Quilt Company has launched a new website called My EQ Boutique, offering traditional and contemporary downloadable quilt and block patterns that you can print in ANY size you want.

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Tribute to a friend

I find that in blogging there is a very fine line between being open and accessible on one hand, and sharing way too much personal information on the other. I would hope I strive for balance. And although I prefer to deal with personal issues privately, sometimes I know I have to step out of […]

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