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You will recall a couple of days ago I posted about some of my scrap busting efforts, including  a couple of pieces in which in addition to itty bitty scraps of fabric I had included bits of thread and yarn.

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And talking about scraps… and Christmas…

I came across a little project that combines itty bitty scraps with Christmas! And it involves two favorites of mine… circles and trees!

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Saving scraps: when is it enough?

For someone who complains of not having enough time to sew, I sure seem to be able to accumulate scraps! Truth be told, I think that’s because I save everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Quilting quality fabrics are hard to come by here, so I am always trying to find ways to economize.

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Talking about knitting…

I really do like to knit. I find it more relaxing than sewing when done in the evenings, while watching a movie, because I don’t have to worry about lighting and can actually watch while keeping my fingers busy.

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Christmas sewing on the brain

I don’t know about you, but whatever extra little time I find here and there these days is dedicated to sewing Christmas presents. Well, knitting, too.

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A basket and a bag

It sure seems to have taken us a long time to get into some kind of routine. And I’m still not quite there. Or know if I will be anytime soon. It’s been years now living with adult children, so having younger kids around has involved quite an adjustment. And I guess I am slowly […]

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Christmas Hodge Podge

My latest EQ Boutique collection is out! It has been so much fun to participate in this latest venture sponsored by the Electric Quilt Company.

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English Paper Piecing Tutorial

Way back in July I promised my friend Pearl I would put together a little video tutorial on how I do English Paper Piecing. I didn’t think it would take this long, but I’ve finally done it. (I guess that means we have finally gotten into a routine around here, and I am actually getting […]

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