Sewing with Alexia and Julian

Lucky me! Grandkids Alexia and Julian got off early from school yesterday (long holiday weekend – Labor Day) so came to spend the afternoon (and evening and night!) with me. These days we don’t always have a lot of time together, so we decided to make good use of the day. They both love to sew, and loved this month’s member’s BOM pattern, so we figured they could each make their own cushion!

I love sewing with these kids! Children don’t hesitate the way we adults do. These two just zip along with the sewing machine. Here they are, posing with their finished cushions (Julian and Alexia have their own bedroom in this house, and they were allowed to choose the wall hangings in there. So this is where the My Dream House quilt hangs these days.)

cat cushions

Alexia shares the process of sewing with her brother in her very own corner! Click here to read about their afternoon projects.

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