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As any other quiltmaker, I, too, LOVE fabric! I wouldn’t describe myself, however, as a fabriholic. By most quilters’ standards, I’m sure my stash is quite conservative. This is only in part because I am careful, and probably more so because I live in a country where cotton fabrics are not easily available. Looking for lovely wools at excellent prices? This is the place to shop! Cotton fabrics we really have to search for.

The shop where I teach is now importing, and they probably have the largest selection available now in the country. And that means about 300 bolts. Several smaller stores may carry up to 30 or 40 bolts of imported quality cotton fabric.

So, when I find something I like, I usually purchase 1 to 2 meters. I have a larger selection of FQs because I appliqué a lot, and friends travelling often bring me these because they know I quilt. Other than that my purchases are very sporadic, averaging 3-4 new pieces of fabric a year!

A few weeks ago my kids pointed out there were “gaps” in my stash. Ah… that is their to grant loving permission to go out on a shopping spree. I have to agree with them!

fabric stash

Fabric stash

It has taken a couple of weeks and several outings with a couple of friends, and I now feel I have “almost” replenished my stash. What I am happiest about is that I have still been able to keep my purchases under $130! This is what I got:

We might not have as wide as a selection, but if willing to hunt a little we do have some great finds at excellent prices. Note that the two small stacks to the right (imported) cost me almost as much as the two stacks on the left!

Of the imported fabrics, the stack to the left are all remnants. I was happy to find a good selection of blacks. Of the new, imported fabrics, my very favorite were these Posy Patch coordinates:

My absolute favorite find, however, were these vintagle floral fabrics, also produced locally:

I’ve spent the morning refolding and rearranging my stash to accomodate the new fabrics. Hmmm… is it me or do you think there are still some gaps?

fabric stash

replenished fabric stash

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