New Toys

In addition to allowing us to slow down, enjoy the season and make time for each other, an additional advantage in not purchasing Christmas gifts in our family is that it frees everyone from guilt… particularly when it comes to spending $$$ on ourselves!!! Thus, son #1 travelled to the U.S. to be with his family, son #2 bought a flat-screen TV, and my one and only daughter now owns Petunia… the MacBook she’s been drooling about for months.

And I? Well, heck, yes! Of course I took advantage of my son’s trip to the U.S. (and Black Friday sales) to put in a few online orders.

I don’t know why it took me so long to get this beauty. After reading many reviews, I decided on the Wacom Bamboo tablet. It was a mere matter of seconds to hook it up (took longer to unwrap) and only about 10 minutes for me to feel absolutely ecstatic about this new “toy.” I wanted it basically for fine drawing in EQ6 (which it does!), but am amazed at how easy it makes navigating. It came with a mouse… but I’m thinking I might just stick with the pen from now on!

Well, ok. Admittedly, there’s a learning curve here, but it’s small. Meaning, I keep reaching out to grab the mouse automatically. But this is so much quicker, I think in a few days it will begin to feel like an old friend.

It was also past time to replace my old camera. Digital and all, but bulky. Plus, after dropping it a couple of times the zoom got stuck, and from then on I’ve had to resort to taking enormous shots, then reducing them in Photoshop to get halfway decent pics. This little baby measures 2 x 3.25 inches, yet is a powerhorse. I’ve spent a couple of hours playing with it and am delighted. It includes video and sound, so I’m hoping this will help me in preparing tutorials – it’s so much easier “seeing” things being done, don’t you think?

Last, but not least, what would a care package be without books! Particularly quilting books, of course! Haven’t had a chance to take a close look at these, yet, but they certainly will be bedtime reading tonight!

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