Mariangela and Sweet Valentines

I really, really like teaching. Especially beginner quilters. They come in excited and a little awed, thinking that quilting is a difficult art. And in a matter of minutes they are sewing and creating. They get even more excited… and hooked. There are those beginner quilters like Mariangela who grow wings and run with it. Mariangela has been quilting for only a few months – she took all my basic courses, which are all based on hand sewing. She has now taken matters into her own hands, and after only a few questions about how to go about translating what she has learned to machine sewing, she is continuing to develop on her own.

She walked in yesterday (our sewing circle meets Thursday mornings) with a tied quilt she made for her husband, and another one in process for one of her sons. She “invented” the binding using leftover scraps, and decided on a pieced backing to make the best use of the fabric she had. With no help from anyone else. I love to see her adventurous spirit. And I really like her choice in colors, don’t you?

And, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I packed some of my heart sachets up for this special group of friends:

While I was at it, I wrapped up a special gift. My youngest daughter-in-law has a birthday on Sunday. We won’t be able to get together that day, so are having lunch together today. So she, too, will be enveloped in Valentine love. February sure turned out to be a pink month, didn’t it?

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