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I have to admit I enjoy handwork more than machine sewing. And machine quilting has been a very slow learning process for me. Which is probably why the quilt that I am working on at the moment was set aside for almost three years!

I’ve just now realized I had somewhat of a mental block about this… so I’ve been procrastinating. To begin, the quilt is humongous! I had designed it initially as a queen-sized bed quilt, with a horizontal orientation. I then enlisted the help of several friends to make the blocks. And then… the blocks returned to me varied a lot in size. time to revise the design. I added triangle corners and changed the layout orientation. As a result, I ended up with a king-sized quilt. Humongous. Here’s my EQ drawing:

Sister's Choice Quilt

Sister's Choice

I pieced the backing with different fabrics. First mistake: I should have broken this down into four different pieces, quilted each one and then joined them together. Second mistake: I should have started quilting it right away, while I was motivated. But I put it away, and every now and then when I pulled it out again I would look at it in dismay (did I already mention it is humongous?) and quickly put it back again.

Oh, yes, I hadn’t mentioned this was supposed to be a special gift! It is meant for the doctor who saved my mother’s life three years ago (long, long story), a true angel in our lives. I quickly pulled it out last week, before hospitalizing my mother again for another surgery. Seeing this doctor again obviously motivated me to get finished on this project. Silly me… did I really think I was going to get this quilted in two days?

So I’ve left it out, quilting a little bit each day, as time allows. At this rate, I truly hope it won’t take another three years to finish… hopefully just a couple of weeks!

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    Beautiful quilt
    Submitted by mdhess08 on Fri, 03/27/2009 – 03:57.

    Angie, HI! What a beautiful quilt. Keep doing a little as you can, and one day it will be finished.Try not to think of how fast you want to finish it…it will stress you. Think of it as helping you through these rather diffucult days ahead. I pray your Mom does well. I read earlier of how some of your life is filled with hospitals, and your mom now needing your help. Stay fresh and alive…during these stressful days….and if you ever need to just let it out all of your deep feelings, you have a new ear ready to listen. I have said my prayer for your mom. Hugs Morgan