At the Handicraft Market

Our friends Jess and Charles needed to make one last visit to the handicraft market before heading back to Boston after the holidays. Naturally, I went along for the ride!

Ecuador is famous for the wide variety of its handicrafts. You name it, we’ve got it: tapestries, ceramics, wood carvings, leather goods, jewelry (including beautiful gold and silver), tagua, etc., etc. The list is endless.

Naturally, I am always drawn to the textiles:

Jamie, on the other hand, is really into jewelry, so on this occasion that was my focus. The variety available is simply amazing!

We are always amazed by the ingenuity of our local crafts people, who use just about anything to make beautiful and unusual jewelry. I didn’t take a pic (have I mentioned how I forget things?), but I purchased Jamie a pair of earrings made of fava bean pods! I mean, they actually use garbage (ok, organic matter) in their handicrafts!


Orange rind

Seeds from the Amazon region

Mother of pearl

Painted horse and alpaca hair!

Crocheted earrings

Tagua (vegetable ivory)

All kinds of semi-precious stones

It truly is a privilege to be able to live in this country!

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    Submitted by ipraragon on Sat, 01/09/2010 – 00:40.

    Oh yes, all these are beautiful and original, but I’m really surprised with that made with horse and alpaca painted hair! What a fine and delicate work!