Thirty Fun Stocking Stuffers

My icon for today is a little Japanese girl, who apparently seems to be juggling. What can that have to do with stocking stuffers? Quite a bit, actually, because this little girl is playing  Otedama, a traditional Japanese juggling game. And one of my suggestions for a stocking stuffer is precisely some of the ojami used for this game.

No, I haven’t forgotten the projects I hinted at last week. Actually, they are all sewn up, but I am still working on the tutorials. So they’ll be coming. In the meantime, I also have stocking stuffers on the brain. So I thought I’d share just a few (30!) ideas that might work for you. Especially if you are stumped and trying to figure out itty bitty gifts. So run on over to my website and go through the list. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something to fit!

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