Prayer Flags

Prayer flags are part of the ancient Buddhist tradition. Traditionally, they are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. it is believed that “the words and symbols printed on the flags (the prayers) are spread throughout the universe as the flags flutter in the wind. Everyone who is touched by that wind is touched by the prayers. The wind spreads the intentions through the world, extending happiness, goodwill, and peace.” (Prayer Flags: Make Banners of Hope and Peace from Fabric Scraps and Fibers, Vivika Hansen DeNegre, Editor, Quilting Arts® Magazine, 2014)

This practice has resonated with us during these weeks and months of quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In our family, my daughter, my grandson and I decided to work on some prayer flags during a week, and put out our “prayers” to the wind.


A colorful group of flags:

And once hung outside, we can see them blowing in the wind, outside our living room window. It’s a wonderful concept, isn’t it?



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