Work, work, work!

All this reorganizing involved having my techie son lay down new networking cable for my computer. While waiting for him to free up some time for that in his busy schedule, I temporarily placed my computer on my regular desk, which faces my studio. The more I thought about it, the more I liked working while facing that directions. So I ended up moving my desks around accordingly.

Angie's home office

As you can see, this room includes a fireplace. Perfect for cold days in a place with no central heating!

Once everything had been put in its place, it was time to work! And I’ve been at it all day, plugging along at my book. I’m kind of stuck, so it’s been slow… drawing something, writing the steps down, then changing my mind. But I guess it’s coming because I only have a couple of chapters left before we start chopping, moving things around and doing some hard editing.

A lot of designing takes place here!

Time to stretch! It has started raining, and that really brings the temperature down. Think I’ll make some coffee and light a fire in the fireplace before I continue…

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