Christmas Hexagons

I know… it seems early in the year for Christmas projects. However, I’ve become addicted to English paper piecing lately and since it takes some time, I figured why not start something early and actually have it finished by Christmas time! These hexagons also resulted from my scrap busting efforts, so no new fabric has been cut up yet. I will try to remember to post a picture when this table runner is finished.

EPP hexagons

Although I am obviously addicted to fabric, too, I think I am fortunate in that I don’t seem to go overboard. My stash is moderate (probably tiny compared to most quilters’ standards!) and it serves me well. And then there are times when I don’t have exactly what I need or want for a project. That’s the occasion for some fun fabric shopping. This is my only fabric shopping so far this year, which I will be using for my Hibiscus wall hanging. Purples/lilacs are unusual colors for me, so it will be fun to do something new.

cotton fabrics

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    Submitted by Luzanda on Sun, 06/01/2008 – 22:34.

    Hello Angie,
    Are there any more Teapot Patterns coming up.

    Hope you are well.
    Regards, Irene, Australia