Just where have I been?

Someone sent me this website where you can track what countries in the world you have visited. I thought it was cool. Considering all the traveling I did in my former life as an interpreter, I thought my map would be pretty red. As you can see, however, it has pretty much been limited to the Western world – and the Americas at that.

I mean, I have been to Europe several times, but always to the same countries. Boo hoo.

Thailand is the only country I’ve been to in Asia (and no, I don’t consider layovers a valid “visit”) and still no opportunity to make it to Africa, which I would love to do. Hmm… maybe I’ll have to reconsider going back to that life… there’s still so much world to see!!! (-:

visited 27 countries (12%)
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Although born in the U.S. and having lived during my college years, there is still a lot I haven’t seen of this vast country. My daughter and I have discussed taking a couple of months of, renting a car and driving from Florida to Washington (state), with some weaving in between to see the sights. It sure would be fun!

visited 17 states (34%)
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