Christmas Tea Party

Earlier in the year my mother saw fit to bestow on me part of my “inheritance,” consisting of three different tea sets she brought down with her to Ecuador over 50 years ago! They are now being put to very good use: every Thursday they are polished and set out for the “girls” in my sewing circle.

This week only four of us (out of seven) were able to get together. I think this is the first time since we started sewing together that we actually didn’t sew! We just sat and chatted about this and that and had a quiet and really lovely morning together. In my view… precisely how this season should be spent: far from the commercial hustle and bustle, simply enjoying the company of those we love.

It is already well known that I don’t cook. Ok… rarely cook. My friends always take turns bringing something to munch on. But this week was my turn… they all know well that this is the only time of year they will be able to taste something I’ve made! (-:

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