Under the weather

Jamie and I have been sick the last three days. It’s happened before, and usually it hits her first and harder than me, but it only takes a day for me to follow her lead. Initially we thought it was food poisoning, but today the coughing and sniffles began, indicating the flu. Now we find out there’s been a bad bug going around, with lots of people sick. And no, not to worry… it isn’t AH1N1 flu.

I don’t remember when I last got so sick. Sick enough to stay in bed for two whole days and do nothing but sleep and moan. I don’t know if the moaning was more related to the pain or to the fact that, for me, time in bed is time wasted and I wanted to get on with things.

I had to cancel two of my classes this week, but today I am feeling better and actually grateful for this quiet day at home. And, in spite of the illness, I seem to have been able to get a little sewing done, which I hope to finish today.

Still on an embellishing spree, over the weekend (before we fell ill) I stopped by one of my favorite shops and picked up some lovely tagua (vegetable ivory) and coconut buttons and beads. It would be so easy to spend a small fortune in this shop, and it takes extreme willpower to know when to stop! Don’t these just look scrumptions?

There is a website for these products, although unfortunately their online shop isn’t working. However, if you would like to know more about how tagua is harvested and processed, they have several interesting videos clicking on the “producción” link. Click to visit Antonella Zanchi.

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