COC Quilt

I love sleeping under quilts. I keep a small lap quilt on my bed to snuggle under while reading or watching TV, or for nights when the weather gets particularly cold and I need some extra warmth.

And then I sleep under a quilt that I made many years ago, initially a birthday gift for my brother David and which returned to me after he died. This was, in fact, my first attempt at machine quilting. So, although no masterpiece, this has been a very much loved quilt.

All the years of use and laundering has inevitably led to a lot of wear and tear on this quilt. Over the last year I have patched several tears, but finally had to accept it was time to put this quilt away before it falls apart entirely. There are now several tears beyond repair…

So for a while now I’ve been thinking about what new quilt to make for my bed. Initially I thought I would go for a traditional pattern, maybe with an appliqué border. But the more I thought about it I decided I wanted something more neutral, which would allow me to make a series of bed runners later on to suit my mood. I really like how the quilt I made Jamie to take to college in the U.S. turned out, so decided to make the same one, this time larger and with-cream-on-cream fabrics.

What a quick quilt! I actually made it over last weekend: one morning to cut and sew the pieces, and a second morning to quilt it. All was left was to put on the binding, which I finished during the week.

The quilt is now on my bed, and now I have to start thinking about some bedrunners to go with it!

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