Win your Etsy Wish List

How often do you see a giveaway like this one?  CraftGossip is giving out 3 Etsy shopping sprees (each to a maximum value of $100, + shipping). Now is that awesome or what? Left alone, I could spend a small fortune on Etsy on jewelry alone…

As it turns out, Alexia just had her ears pierced for the fourth or fifth time a couple of weeks ago. And, as usual, after only a day she ended up with an infection. At this point I think we are all aware her skin is just too sensitive and she just cannot handle piercings. Which is why I would love to win my wish list to make it up to her. In lieu or earrings, how about some ear cuffs?

Silver Bird Claw Ear Cuff, $39

Dragonfly Ear Cuff, $38

Circle Design, $18

Now keep your fingers crossed for Alexia. And then run over to CraftGossip and make your own wish list!

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