In a drawing frenzy

There are periods where it seems all I do – day and night – is draw, draw, draw. Ideas come to me, and I feel compelled to get them all drawn before I forget them. This is one of those weeks.

It started with the need to organize blocks I had in different EQ projects and libraries. I needed to categorize things and fill out notecards with information to identify each block, and I suddenly realized I had several themes going, that could easily turn into EQ collections or libraries. And my biggest problem is knowing when to stop. I mean, I have a theme going that could be called “sweet treats,” with over 50 blocks at the moment (only desserts). How many cupcakes are too many?

Who knows? All I know is that when I get the creative vibe, I have to keep going until I’ve run out of ideas. Here’s a sneak peek.

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    Yumm. Very cute designs. Great theme. Fun sweet shoppe.