What inspires you?

I am a happy person. I get to live the life I choose. In practice, this means I get out of bed every morning ready to go, eager for what the day has in store.

Some days, things happen that uplift me even more. Like today. While checking my mail I see there is a new PFC video out. I play it… and my spirit soars. Music in itself is such an inspiration. Music played by different musicians all over the world is sacred. It’s being able to witness an effort to build peace. I am inspired. It’s a wonderful day!

What inspires you?

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    What inspires me. Many things. A thought, family, friends, music, or sometimes a happening……………….could be an anniversary, a birthday, or someone who designs a pattern and I know I just have to make it. It could also be a tragedy that falls upon someone else, like an earthquake and a children’s hospital is lost, a forest fire that burns homes in a small town, a family that never seems to get a break from things going wrong in their lives.