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2015-041I haven’t really done much sewing in the last few months. Besides following along the construction of the house, I have been spending a lot of time working ahead on projects for next year. (I hope you will enjoy what is coming!)

Having only half of my things unpacked doesn’t help, either. Particularly when it comes to the fabrics. The only ones I have on hand are my collection of fat quarters, and I just don’t have a place to store larger fabrics. Nor room for my industrial sewing machine, on which I can quilt larger projects.

So I’ve limited myself to just a few small things. Right now I am working on a quilt-as-you-go bed quilt. Thinking ahead and all those bed quilts I will be needing for my new guest rooms. Simple enough, I am working on this slowly, as time and energy allow.


I’ve actually done a little more knitting and crochet. Also for my new home… a whole slew of slippers, as there will be a “no-shoe” policy indoors. Now aren’t these cute?


On that note, I wanted to share my recent solution for winding yarn. It’s challenging when you don’t have a swift or a pair of helping arms! And I just don’t knit or crochet enough to justify the $$$ investment in a fancy swift. Then I remembered a quilter’s second favorite place to hang out is the hardware store – hence this solution: a couple of cans (Pringles in this case, but could be anything you like), with a slit cut in the bottom side, and a pair of clamps. What do you think?


Along with my method for winding a center pull ball… I’m in business!

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  1. Carol
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    Oulike idee!! 🙂