A little art quilt

I have a new love!

I recently purchased the Silhouette Cameo 3, brought down to me from the U.S. by one of my lovely house guests. I was interested in acquiring a fabric cutter not only to cut pieces for my applique projects, but also for stenciling and to create my own stamps.

Over the weekend I started to play around with the software and figuring out how to import designs and then send them to the cutter. I started with just one simple shape. And… it works! Wonderfully! Oh, boy, I’m excited.

Now, it would be easy to keep cutting and cutting, but I’ve told myself if I’m going to play with this new toy, I have to do something with all the resulting pieces. So I obviously had to make something with this lovely bird silhouette. I delved into my stash of odd leftover shapes, threw a few pieces together, and came up with this in just a couple of hours. I love it! 🙂


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