Hearts, hearts, hearts!

I am most certainly in the mood and ready for Valentine’s Day! It is right around the corner, so I’ve pulled out some of my favorite Valentine’s Day items, and this year have been working on a new project to celebrate the day.

Check out these little touches here and there around my home to mark the day!

I like to hang a little “something” from the wooden support columns in my studio…


And in other little places, like drawer knobs!

One of my very first appliqué projects, many, many years ago, this miniature piece now hangs in my studio.

Time  to pull out and enjoy my EPP candle and place mats…

…and some coasters galore.

Some hanging hearts at the front door to welcome guests…


And this year’s new project: some hanging embellished crochet hearts, hanging in one of my living room windows. So, so pretty!

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