New projects: cushions

I have completely run out of space for wall hangings. What to do, what to do? There have to be other alternatives, right?

And yes, there is one wall where I am able to rotate a few wall hangings, but I still have more that I would love to make and showcase than what I have space for. So I am back to making bed and lap quilts, simply because they are easier to rotate. The weather were I live is very mild, which means we don’t have any need for more than one and sometimes two quilts on any given night. But I figure you can never have too many bed quilts.

Because I spend so much time on the computer, I still have a craving for small, quick projects I can sew and quilt in a few hours. I recently realized that I have never really used cushions in my living room. This might be because our family was always more inclined to meet in the kitchen and dining room and the formal living room never got much use.

Since the living room in my new home is integrated into one large space with the dining area and kitchen, it is now used quite a bit. So this has really been an opportunity to work on small quilted projects turned into cushion covers that can be swapped out frequently. Oh, how fun!

For our 2019 Christmas in July series I designed and sewed three different cushion covers that formed part of my seasonal decorations. And yes, there are patterns for these designs. (Just click on the photos, if interested.)


Over the last few weeks I’ve traded these out for more “every day” covers.

One from fabric left over from a day of playing with paints…

My new Mandala cushion and the Hey, Birdie cushion I made last year.

And then I found these odds and ends that I wanted to incorporate somehow into a project. They have found there way into this particular cushion cover. (Click on photo for larger image… I personally think it’s awesome! 🙂 )

And then some Broderie Perse on hand-dyed fabric and a new bird design I will be sharing soon on my website.

This week I’ll star working on some new cushion covers for the Easter season. Cross your fingers I’ll finish them soon and will be able to share!

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