Lots of face masks

Just like everyone else on the planet, my niece and I have also been busy making face masks.

We made a whole bunch of these until we ran out of elastic.

So adapted and made fabric ties instead. All of these were distributed by our local firefighters to needy families not able to purchase their own. Made with nose wires and pockets to be able to add a filter.

As we kept sewing, we began to realize that this emergency is going to be a part of our lives for a long, long time. So we looked for ways to improve and make better face masks. After reading about other people’s problems both with finding materials, like elastic, and hearing that people were complaining about the elastic hurting their ears, we tried out several prototypes. And we have finally come up with a mask that we like, and that we feels offers as much safety as a fabric mask is able to.

We made sure to add a pocket to these masks. We lined them all with thick, fusible interfacing. And we have lots of polypropylene on hand, which makes a nice, washable filter. So altogether four layers of protection.

And a little channel for the nose wire, which can be replaced, if necessary.

Three sizes, from adults down to the 3 year-olds. We do have several of those in the family, so we needed a bunch in that size.

And we keep sewing and sewing. Like I imagine all of you are doing. Some are for family and others to donate.

And then, just for fun (and because she asked me for it!), I made a plague doctor mask for my teacher daughter.

Crazy, right?

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