Christmas Dove

Another UFO finally finished! After how many years?

Let’s see… I designed this wall hanging in 2009. My friends in my sewing circle all completed theirs in 2010, but I hadn’t even started mine.

Crazy thing. I finally sewed the quilt top one week in late November, right in the middle of packing my house up, readying for a major move. As I recall, it was a weird thing to do, when I should have been busy packing boxes, but it was what I needed at that time to create a sense of calm in what had become a chaotic moment.

The quilt top was then packed and was moved to three different houses. And has been sitting still packed, for the last four years, in it’s final destination. This was the year to pull it out, along with several other projects, as I am determined to make a dent into my stack of UFOs. All that was left was to quilt it.


I love this design. So, so happy I have finally finished it! Now on to another UFO. 🙂

Want to sew your own? The pattern can be purchased here.

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