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Preparing Freezer Paper Templates for Hand Applique

Welcome back, fellow applique enthusiasts! Today, we will be looking at how to prepare freezer paper templates for hand applique. As we continue to explore the fascinating world of applique techniques, we can’t overlook the significance of proper template preparation. In our previous post, we discussed the wonders of hand applique using freezer paper and […]

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How to Master the Frog Stitch (as painlessly as possible)

As a community, quilters are known for their positive attitudes and even humorous outlook on life. As a beginner quilter, I quickly learned that there was a whole new language to learn, that pretty much reflects quilters’ quirkiness. Frog stitching was one of the first terms I would have to become familiar with, and a […]

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2 Tips to Ensure Problem-Free Sewing

Later today I will be posting the sewing instructions for our Rectangle Fun Quilt-Along. Are you ready? While you wait, there are two things you can do to prepare for some fun sewing.

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Machine Quilting: What Works for me

Since I spent quite some time machine quilting Alexia and Julian’s quilts over the last couple of weeks before their departure, I thought I’d share a little of my learning process in this area. This might be of more interest for those of you who, like me, live in countries were quilting supplies are not […]

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Fantastic Quilt Along, plus a Giveaway

Ok, people, you have only today and tomorrow to enter this one. Christina, from A Few Scraps, will be hosting a free motion quilt along. And she has a wonderful giveaway to promote it.

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Is this why I quilt?

Whenever asked why I quilt, the answer that comes out right from the gut is: “Because I have to.” There are so many other activities in life that I thoroughly enjoy; quilting is something beyond even that, an expression of self… And then there are all those other many (and valid) reasons: I love fabric, […]

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On Sewing Machines

I started sewing (clothes) way back in 1976 on a Singer 404 (slant needle, manufactured in the U.S. 1958). It was given to me by one of the grandmothers in my husband’s family. And yes, it is older than me, but it’s joints sure act younger than mine! 🙂  And I still love it. All […]

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