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My New Beau

His name is Charlie. Charlie Singer, Esq., to be more precise. He’s been tweaked. I wanted to say he’s been tweaked for my pleasure, but Jamie said that was highly inappropriate. Instead, I’m supposed to say he’s been adapted for free motion quilting. And that makes me happy.

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How to Make Your Own (really cheap!) Cone Thread Stand

I have not been able to find a sturdy stand locally to use with cone threads. The only ones I’ve seen are attached to the table of industrial sewing machines. Purchasing one in the U.S. and having it shipped down has not seem cost-effective. Enter my homemade solution:

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2 Tips to Ensure Problem-Free Sewing

Later today I will be posting the sewing instructions for our Rectangle Fun Quilt-Along. Are you ready? While you wait, there are two things you can do to prepare for some fun sewing.

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On Sewing Machines

I started sewing (clothes) way back in 1976 on a Singer 404 (slant needle, manufactured in the U.S. 1958). It was given to me by one of the grandmothers in my husband’s family. And yes, it is older than me, but it’s joints sure act younger than mine! 🙂  And I still love it. All […]

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