Prayer Quilt Top

Along with my two other friends we got together for a couple of hours yesterday. We finished putting our 4-patch blocks together and then joined all the blocks to make the quilt top. It’s an interesting experience to work practically in silence, where at any other time we would probably be chattering away. On this occasion, though, there was a special little girl in need on our minds and in our hearts. We will get together one more time to add the borders and tie the quilt.

prayer quilt

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    It’s a wonderful practice.
    Submitted by ipraragon on Wed, 01/28/2009 – 22:25.

    Dear Angie: What a wonderful practice to pray together for someone who needs it! And the results of your job is wonderful too… it looks plenty of joy, specially if you know that was made by several people with the same mind and feeling. I’m beginning my 2009’patchwork course on february 6, and I’ll ask my classmates to do something similar. There’s so many people to pray for! My youngest daugther and me are receiving piano classes with a lovely lady, and just today I knew that one of our teacher’s son is going to be operated tomorrow for a serious kindney illness, so I’m praying for his health. Thanks for the idea, and be sure I’ll praying for your little girl, too. God Bless all of you