10-Minute Sandwich Wrap

During August we have been featuring Back-to-School projects on our website. If you haven’t been by in a while, make sure to stop in and check out these projects. All of them are super-easy and oh, so quick to make!

A couple of weeks ago I made lunch pockets for all my school age “kids.” This includes Jamie. Her class schedule is always hectic, but this year she is taking an extra full load. This means that often the only time for lunch is while walking from one class to another. Hence the pockets, making it easy to hold a sandwich while running down corridors.

But then every now and then she has enough time to sit outside and enjoy lunch at her favorite “quiet place,” down by the pond. So for those occasions, when she is able to spread out, I decided she would need a dual-purpose wrap. This one she can carry her sandwich in, and then spread out as a place mat. Pretty cool, right?

In sewing time, this little project took less than ten minutes to make. So, what are you waiting for? Run on over to our website for the tutorial, and start making these for your family, too! (And then show us some pics of your pretty, pretty fabrics! (:)

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    Angie, qué buena idea!!!! Y súper rápido, ya voy a chusmear. Me reí con tu descripción de Jamie corriendo de clase en clase! Me trajo recuerdos. ¿Sabés que en USA, en la universidad donde estudié nos preparaban bolsitas con el almuerzo por si no alcanzábamos a regresar a la casa a almorzar? (En época de finals! Y además ponían carpas en distintos lugares del campus. Vos pasabas por ahí y te agarrabas cajitas de jugo, chips, cositas para pasarla mejor!!!). Trataban de mantenernos el espíritu alto con comida!!! Qué mal!!!!