Enough is enough

I learned to crochet at my grandmother’s knee when I was five years old.  Quilting is quite certainly my true passion… but I always seem to have some crochet project going on. In part because of that strong connection with my grandmother, in part because it is easy enough to pick up at any moment, and in part because it is a break from working and sewing, particularly in the evening, while watching the news or a movie.

At the beginning of the year I decided one of my goals would be to expand my learning in areas beyond quilting. So knitting and crochet were put at the top of the list. I splurged and signed up for a yearly subscription to Craftsy Unlimited. As you know, I love, love, love these classes, and at the price of this subscription, figured I just couldn’t go wrong.

I don’t crochet enough to consider myself an advanced crocheter. Let’s say I’m a very confident intermediate crocheter, bordering on the limits of advanced. Which means I am always open to learning something new. Like this past weekend. I decided to take a class on Mastering Foundation Crochet Stitches. Great class. Just what I was looking for: technique, technique, technique.

So I printed out all the class materials…

… made samples for each stitch taught, and organized them in sheet protectors.

There were two class projects, if one chose to continue practicing that particular technique. Being the Type A person I am, I figured (of course!) I should make both projects. The first was a tote, based on a granny square rectangle. I had already made my sample, so understood the concept quite clearly. The only new part was the starting edge; otherwise it is pretty much the same as a regular granny square.

Things are going pretty fast… and yet I am asking myself: “Why am I doing this? I don’t need another tote. I don’t want another tote! Hmmm… could this be a good gift for someone? Can’t think of anyone… Now, why am I doing this again?” And then I ran out of yarn. Why, why, why am I doing this? Could it because I grew up with the motto “If you start it, you finish it.” ????

I realize it is crazy to be putting myself through something that makes absolutely no sense. I have really enjoyed and learned tons from this class… I don’t need to make this project to get anything more out of the class! Particularly since I already have another crochet project going that makes more sense to finish!

So yes, I actually rip out what I’ve crocheted so far. All wound up in a nice fat ball. Lesson learned: following through the end of a class or a project can actually be a waste of time, and I need to know when to stop.

Enough is enough.


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