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Things I see, read, or hear that inspire me

Killing me softly: some ideas are to die for!

While I have been hibernating, not only have I taken time off from blogging, but I haven’t been following anyone over the last few weeks. So this morning I decided to do some catching up, and check out what’s been going on on my favorite blogs.

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Meet Astrid Prayag, an international quilter

As you may have noticed by now, the common challenge international quilters face in countries where quilting is not a tradition is finding appropriate fabrics and supplies. Most often, they face additional (and high) shipping costs, sometimes paying more for that than the product itself . Astrid, our invited guest today, knows this only too […]

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Follow Friday: Make a Boob

Nina Lise is from Norway. Also known as Mrs. Moen, she took it upon herself last year to start a support and awareness raising project related to breast cancer.

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Follow Friday: Crafty Storage

Let’s face it. We tend to accumulate. Fabric, threads, batting, stabilizers, embellishments, books, magazines, patterns… and on and on. And we can just as easily get disorganized with all the “junk” we set down here or there in our hurry to get on with the sewing.

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Meet Theodora Badra, an international quilter

Theodora certainly is an “artsy” person. Not only does she quilt, but she also paints and collects art, and does needlepoint. For a living, she runs an art and framing store with her husband. Oh, yes… Theodora is from Greece.

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Meet Irene Pratdesaba, an international quilter

Irene is relatively “new” to the quilting world, but that hasn’t stopped her from taking advantage of every opportunity offered to learn and grow. An avid quilter, she sews and sews and has quite a collection of projects already under her belt.

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What inspires me to start a new quilt?

Wayne Kollinger has invited us to reflect on this question and write a post about it today. In my case I really have to address this question in two parts.

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Follow Friday: Textile Time Travels

One of the most exciting things I have seen happening during the last few years is how quickly quilting is catching on among younger generations of quilters. Generation X and Generation Y quilters certainly make a strong statement with simple yet very bold and colorful designs. I thoroughly enjoy visiting the blogs of many young, […]

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Meet Geta Grama, an international quilter

You probably know her already, and probably even visit her blog. Because Geta is well-known for her amazing shadow trapunto  quilts. Here she shares some insights with us about how she got started quilting, and the challenges she faces in a country with no quilting tradition.

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Follow Friday: Wayne Kollinger’s Sketch Book

As I see it, there are really only two words needed to describe this inspiring quilt designer: WHAT IF?

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Hexagon Critters

Hexagons continue to be a craze. And it looks like they are here to stay. These days I see quite a variety of techniques being shared. I always look into them, but sad to say (am I too rigid?)… I’m still sticking to my own. It just what works the best for me.

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Follow Friday: Under the Table and Dreaming

I’m sure there are a ton of quilting blogs you already follow. And I do want to continue sharing some of my favorites. In truth, I seem to follow more non-quilting than quilting blogs. Why? Because they are an endless source of inspiration.

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Follow Friday: Attic 24

She’s young and quirky. Funny and lovable. And oh, yes, she is very creative. But most of all, you will find this gal is all about color!

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